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Passive Strategies

We incorporate "passive" form-giving energy saving ideas and strategies that are regionally specific, which are integrated into our buildings from inception. Included among them, in response to Houston's hot and humid climate, are:

  • Orientations with operable windows and screened porches and/or doors opposite one another to be open to breezes and allow cross ventilation and to be closed to direct sunlight.
  • Long, narrow floor plans with few if any hallways for maximum through ventilation.
  • Open living areas with high ceilings to promote vertical air movement and reduce radiant heat to occupants.
  • Natural day lighting and lightly painted walls to reduce the need for daytime artificial lighting.
  • Sloping roofs with overhangs to accommodate Houston's heavy downpours.
  • Lightweight, locally friendly and available building materials.
  • Smaller buildings and building footprints with minimal square footage.
  • Natural landscapes with indigenous plant materials adaptable to local climate and soil conditions.
  • Independent living space for extended family or separate office and meeting space for those working from home.
  • Age in place first floors.
  • Use of locally available and compatible building materials throughout.
  • Open second floor lofts for vertical ventilation.