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Open Design & Development, Inc. (The Odd Group) develops, designs, builds, and sells single family residences that are sustainable and built to last. They are unique, modern, energy efficient houses and lofts in the Houston area that respond to its geography, climate, and culture. Designed for Houston's hot and humid weather, they are built with locally compatible and available construction and landscape materials and are cross ventilated with operable windows and screened porches. Interiors are naturally day lighted with kitchens, and living and dining spaces at the core, spaces which can be tailored to fit individual needs to accommodate today's contemporary lifestyles.

The Odd Group was born out of Royse/Eagleton Architects; a custom architectural firm started in St. Louis, Missouri in 1988 and moved to Houston in 2000. It is a full service company that since its beginnings in 2004, combines development, architecture, construction, design build, marketing, and sales under one roof to ensure continuous communication and integration from the beginning to the end of each project. Odd Group's houses and lofts are innovative, well built, cost effective, and environmentally friendly.